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Our team has over 50 years’ experience underwriting a full range of contingency risks.

We can help clients with everything from core event cancellation, prize indemnity, over redemption, weather risks, death & disgrace through to sports sponsorship.

We also create bespoke products within the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment segments or a broader business context.

Event Cancellation

The festival season will soon be upon us and location is a key risk. Often factors such as the weather or being in an earthquake zone are high on the list regarding location.

Our article outlines the many risks facing organisers of any kind of public event that could potentially disrupt the big day.

The risks you need to consider


Our claims approach is integral to our underwriting philosophy and drive for operational excellence.


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Event Cancellation – Understanding Risk Management

Modern events can be complex, risky and costly when things go wrong. Amanda Lewis explores the risks an organiser faces.

Find out how we can help you take an holistic approach to event cancellation and non-appearance.


We are committed to excellence through every part of the service we deliver. Our first question is always – how can we do this better? Whether a new risk or a renewal, we seek continuous improvement.

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The White Oak Underwriting brochure provides an overview of how we deliver our solid underwriting and robust claims service across a range of selected markets in over 40 territories. 

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