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We provide an insurance solution that responds to the specific needs of each business, whether agricultural in scope, associated to the industry segment or where a non-agricultural business is exposed to an associated risk event or series of events.

Notifiable Disease outbreak: Business activities suspended due to placement of business location in a Designated Movement Restriction Zone.

Unusual and Unforeseen Disruption to Production: Loss of stock and/or reduced production outside of usually forecast parameters which impact the budgeted income or cost trend for the business due to circumstances which are beyond the control of the Insured and not insured elsewhere

Commercial film Producers Indemnity: Cancellation of filming due to an “agricultural risk” such as disease outbreak preventing access to location, movement of “stunt animals” to the non-appearance of the “stunt animals”. Covering the net ascertained loss of expenses, additional and abortive costs reasonably and necessarily incurred and mark up in the event that they are unable to complete their schedule of photography/filming due to defined conditions and perils.

Leisure: Protection of a penalty clause within a loan agreement for animal or plant specimens/exhibits, together with potential for covering other interests at the facility such a loss/reduction of ticket sales due to the loss of or restricted access to individual or multiple premises.  Loss triggered by contingent perils not covered by traditional property policy.

Travel disruption: From flight cancellation penalties to additional costs of being held in quarantine for reasons beyond the Insureds control or closure of quarantine facilities, being unable to move stock to processing lines or other.


Our claims approach is integral to our underwriting philosophy and drive for operational excellence.


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We believe in being different, disruptive and offering a real alternative to the way Agriculture risks are written. Our specialists Amanda Lewis and Sophie Dunkerley explain our philosophy and how a different approach could benefit you.

The world has changed and so have agricultural risks. We explore why traditional policies are no longer fit for purpose and what we are doing to address this.

How can you address the challenge of agricultural risks in multi-function businesses?  We consider how to cover these as a suite of products rather than under one label.


We are committed to excellence through every part of the service we deliver. Our first question is always – how can we do this better? Whether a new risk or a renewal, we seek continuous improvement.

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