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We provide bespoke and individually tailored agriculture solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

The cover can be standalone or as a blend of mortality, economic slaughter, government slaughter and agriculturally related contingency risks. From individuals to global businesses our offering covers all types of livestock, aquaculture and bloodstock.


Our claims approach is integral to our underwriting philosophy and drive for operational excellence.


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We believe in being different, disruptive and offering a real alternative to the way Agriculture risks are written. Our specialists Amanda Lewis and Sophie Dunkerley explain our philosophy and how a different approach could benefit you.

The world has changed and so have agricultural risks. We explore why traditional policies are no longer fit for purpose and what we are doing to address this.

How can you address the challenge of agricultural risks in multi-function businesses?  We consider how to cover these as a suite of products rather than under one label.


We are committed to excellence through every part of the service we deliver. Our first question is always – how can we do this better? Whether a new risk or a renewal, we seek continuous improvement.

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The White Oak Underwriting brochure provides an overview of how we deliver our solid underwriting and robust claims service across a range of selected markets in over 40 territories. 

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