Safer drivers, safer staff, lower insurance premiums

According to official statistics, driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do. It also creates a significant risk to other people who use the road. But, you can reduce your risk with a vehicle camera that can prove what really happens in the case of an accident. Our experience around the world shows [...]

2018-08-20T10:20:44+01:007th June, 2016|Insights|

6 ways we improve our clients’ experience

Charles Wilce, White Oak Underwriter We believe that continuous improvement comes through scrutinising the way we work with technology, processes and the people involved. The system reviews we carry out is the technical side, while client engagement is the equally-important human side. Together, they provide a 6-step improvement process. 1. Planning for the unexpected A large [...]

2017-05-09T14:49:55+01:0028th April, 2016|Insights|

Lloyd’s makes its position clear – it is better to stay in Europe

The Brexit referendum date has been set for Thursday 23 June 2016 and the Chairman of Lloyd’s, John Nelson, has made Lloyd’s market positioning very clear - Britain should remain a member of the EU. Nelson explains how The Council of Lloyd’s and the Franchise Board have carefully considered the question of British EU membership [...]

2017-05-09T15:09:04+01:0030th March, 2016|Insights|

Could national “SmartPark” system save industry $4.4 billion annually?

The truck market looks set to benefit from a new initiative that saves money and reduces risk for truck drivers. The programme gives drivers real-time parking information which means that they can save time and fuel finding somewhere to park their rig at the end of each working day. Pilot programs are already well underway in [...]

2017-09-04T11:04:13+01:0028th January, 2016|Insights|
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