International Women’s Day: A Q&A with MD, Holly Shepherd

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate ALL women, their achievements and successes both personally, and professionally, their dedication, leadership, and rights to live in an inclusive society. Like many other industries, insurance is paving the way for a more gender-inclusive workplace, with the number of female executives increasing year on year. In 2021, [...]

2022-03-08T11:35:30+00:008th March, 2022|Insights, News|

Adaptable MGAs can beat insurtechs at their own game

Our Chief Executive Officer, John Shepherd wrote an article for Insurance Day on the MGA market. Some of the main points are below and you can read the full article here. To paraphrase Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest that survives, it is those that are most adaptable to change. In nearly a decade [...]

2021-06-17T15:12:42+01:0015th February, 2019|Insights, MGAs|

Why a good MGA needs to be dynamic, entrepreneurial and fast-moving

The MGA market continues to grow in a competitive and changing insurance landscape. Guillaume Bonnissent, our Underwriting Director was interviewed by Gary Pike of Right International to find out more about a leader’s perspective of the market. You can read the full interview here. What is attractive about the MGA market? It’s more dynamic than [...]

2018-12-06T12:48:43+00:006th December, 2018|Insights|

It’s good to talk

Millennials are unlikely to recognise this headline which was integral to a campaign that turned the fortunes of BT in the 1990s. Today, we live and work at warp speed and it seems even tougher to talk, especially when you can Tweet (140 characters or fewer of course), WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram. Millennials will definitely recognise [...]

2017-05-09T14:57:15+01:0019th September, 2016|Insights|
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