Event cancellation – the risks you need to consider

The festival season is upon us – we assess the key risks you need to consider when arranging events.

Often factors such as the weather or being in an earthquake zone are high on the list regarding location.

However in the UK this year an avian flu outbreak could be a threat that many would not expect. With a number of events taking place in rural areas an avian flu outbreak could have knock on effects, particularly with the powers of DEFRA to act and lock down risk areas to protect agriculture. If a festival fell into one of these areas then the event could suffer a cancellation.

If you are interested in event cancellation please contact your local insurance broker.

You can see a full range of event cancellation risks below: If you would like to find out more about taking out a contingency policy please contact your local broker. If you need help finding a broker please email us at info@whiteoakuw.com

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