The Brexit referendum date has been set for Thursday 23 June 2016 and the Chairman of Lloyd’s, John Nelson, has made Lloyd’s market positioning very clear – Britain should remain a member of the EU.

Nelson explains how The Council of Lloyd’s and the Franchise Board have carefully considered the question of British EU membership in the context of the interests of the Lloyd’s market, and that they have unanimously concluded that the best outcome is for the UK to remain in Europe.

Lloyd’s have been in the process of developing contingency plans in the event that the UK votes to leave the EU, and are seeking to ensure that in such circumstances the Lloyd’s market can continue to access those markets. Leaving the EU would have inevitable consequences however, and the access will not be as attractive as the single market access we currently enjoy.

Take a look at the full article by Nelson here, which goes on to explain how the UK leaving the EU will be an irrevocable decision with significant points as to why we should vote to stay in, such as the attraction for direct investment into the UK – and indeed into Lloyd’s.